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Rehabilitation Therapy

All Care VNA provides comprehensive rehabilitation services to help you regain your maximum level of function after an illness or injury. Our licensed Physical, Occupational, and Speech and Language Therapists have extensive home care experience and training and are prepared to meet the specialized needs of patients of all ages.

Rehabilitation Therapy

Physical Therapists…

  • care for patients recuperating from strokes, joint replacements, bone fractures, and other debilitating conditions
  • arrange for ambulatory aids or other physical aid equipment with instructions for safe use
  • teach patients and families safety and proper techniques to use in activities of daily living
  • provide chest therapy for patients with acute respiratory problems and teach exercises to patients with chronic lung conditions

Occupational Therapists…

  • care for patients with upper extremity limitations, illnesses or injuries that interfere with their ability to perform activities of daily living or homemaking skills by providing adaptive equipment and training
  • teach energy conservation techniques to patients with severe respiratory problems
  • fabricate splints and modify equipment when necessary

Speech/Language Therapists…

  • teach basic speech/language patterns and control to patients recovering from strokes and other conditions affecting speech and language functioning
  • teach patients and families effective alternative modes of communication
  • treat swallowing and related muscle disorders