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Types of Exercises To Burn Calories And To Stay Healthy

The Best Exercises To Burn Calories

As people exercise for different reasons, you can also do a strengthening training to develop your muscles, yoga to relax or soccer to improve your physical condition. These types of exercise benefit your health in a different way and also to burn calories.

This article describes the main types of exercise and the health benefits associated with each of them.


To have a healthy heart you need to do aerobic exercise. This is any activity that uses oxygen, raises your heart rate and leaves you slightly out of breath. Not only does it keep your heart, lungs and blood vessels healthy, it also improves your fitness level. Combine aerobic exercise with a balanced diet and you will be on the right track to maintain a healthy weight.

Aerobics To Burn Calories

Of the different types of aerobic exercises available there is one that surely suits you:

Walk: This is an excellent aerobic exercise for all ages. Exercise little effort on your joints, and that’s why it’s good if you’re just starting to exercise.

Bicycling: It is good to improve your physical condition and helps strengthen the upper muscles of your legs. It helps with balance and is a good way to get around.

Swimming: Exercise your whole body, but do not subject your joints to great tensions. You can move at your pace and gradually increase the effort you make.

Aerobics: It includes exercise routines coordinated with music with an instructor who guides you and helps you make it fun. Why not turn it into a weekly routine and go with friends to stay motivated?

Running. Consume more calories than walking and improve your physical condition. You hardly need any special equipment and you can vary your route to make it more fun.

Football. Group sports are an excellent way to stay motivated because team members trust and support each other. You do not need too much special equipment to play soccer and this sport gives you a good opportunity to make friends.

Try to perform moderate intensity aerobic exercise for 30 minutes, five or more days a week. Moderate intensity means that you should be able to exercise and talk without panting. Walking fast, pushing a lawn mower or playing doubles in tennis helps keep your heart strong and healthy.

If you are trying to lose weight or if you want to burn calories or significantly improve your physical condition, it may be necessary to raise your levels of effort and perform energetic exercises. This is when your heart rate and respiratory rate rise and then you will not be able to speak without pausing to breathe. Running, climbing a hill on a bicycle and swimming by turns are exercises considered energetic.

Adjust the intensity of your exercise according to your objective. Try to start gently and gradually increase your level of effort. As you improve your physical condition, you may need to exercise harder to raise your heart rate and feel tired; This is a good sign that indicates that your body is becoming more efficient with respect to your oxygen consumption.


By including strength exercises in your exercise program you can improve your posture and give your body a more toned appearance. In addition, they make the muscles to burn calories more than the inactive tissue, even when you are resting, therefore developing muscle mass will help you maintain a healthy weight, which is an additional advantage.

Strength training involves the movement of your muscles against some kind of resistance, that’s why you’ll hear it’s called resistance training. You can use elastic bands, free weights (such as dumbbells), weight lifting machines or just the weight of your body. Try to do some strengthening training two or three times a week and work all the major muscle groups in the body. And do not go directly for the greatest weight you can lift; find the right level that allows you to perform a series of eight to 12 repetitions.

Although you can go to a gym or lift weights at home, there are many everyday activities, such as shopping or gardening, which can help you tone and strengthen your muscles.


If you do not stretch your muscles regularly, there is a risk that they will shorten or become less elastic. This reduces the movement capacity of your joints and increases stiffness and your risk of injury. Try to do some flexibility exercises for a few minutes each day. These exercises should stretch all the major muscles of the lower and upper part of your body.

Yoga, pilates or tai-chi work the flexibility to keep your muscles from shortening and your joints to become rigid.

The yoga, pilates and tai-chi include many exercises that focus on flexibility and plasticity. You relax and stretch your body in different positions and then hold them while you focus on your breathing. You may be surprised how much your flexibility and strength can increase and help you relax and improve your circulation, balance and posture.


Walking, playing soccer and swimming are excellent aerobic activities that require little sports equipment. You can practice them alone or they are friends.

Try to bend and stretch or do yoga every day to improve the range of movement of your joints and prevent injuries.

To keep your muscles and bones strong, try to perform resistance training activities two or three times a week.